Architects R&D Tax Incentives

If you are an architect, or the owner of an architecture firm, you may be missing out on Research and Development (R&D) tax incentives because you may not know about them. Therefore, your firm is likely eligible to claim the Architects R&D tax incentives.

Architects R&D Tax Incentives

R&D tax incentives for architects are a great way to take advantage of tax savings. Your firm may also be unaware that the expenses associated with the development of unique functional and energy-efficient additions.

Architects R&D Tax Incentives

Because many architecture firms are eligible, your firm too may attain significant benefits by working with Engineered Tax Services. R&D tax incentives can provide hidden, but immediate sources of cash for architects. The R&D tax credit can also bring a significant reduction to current and future years’ state and federal tax liabilities.

Qualifiers for Architects R&D Tax Incentives

  • Expense of supplies consumed
  • Expense of direct wages
  • Cost of contract research

R&D Qualifying Activities

  • Developing energy efficient additions
  • Developing schematic designs
  • Planning process and design
  • Developing elevation drawings for planning
  • Developing construction documents
  • Designing a site plan to accommodate site features
  • Designing and developing building facades
  • LEED certification
  • Creating and designing systems in a building
  • Designing the shape of a building
  • Designing the position a building is situated on the site

Engineered Tax Services’ R&D tax experts have extensive experience. Our process begins with a free consultation to make sure your company qualifies for the R&D tax credit. Each of our studies also includes a site visit to help facilitate the study process. We also include audit support with all of our studies. Architects R&D tax incentives are conservative federal and state incentives that were made permanent by Congress as part of the 2015 PATH Act. In conclusion, if you would like to know more, please contact Engineered Tax Services at (800) 236-6519 or visit the home page of our website at EngineeredTaxServices.com.

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