We focus on identifying all assets installed within a building are the assets agreed to per contractual agreements. We review all payments for these assets to identify over payments, incorrect billings, incorrect assets and misappropriation of assets or owner resources. We review and recalculate 100% of all expenses and reconcile these recalculations to outside supporting documents or contractual agreements.Our construction cost control services rely on our sophisticated technology tools to capture all data necessary to identify any error that results in over payments for our clients. We are capable of drilling down to fine levels of detail below the gross invoice amount (owner, general contractor, subcontractor and subcontractor’s subcontractor) in efficient, automated ways that reduce time and cost.We refer to our services as construction audit control because the ultimate result of our added value is savings to the owner. We can provide these services in a traditional audit format as a historical review directed at recovery, or we can provide current real-time review that flags questionable transaction prior to payment.