Cost Segregation ROI

If you are looking to have a cost segregation study done for your property, you may be wondering what your return on investment can be. That answer depends on your property’s value. Your property’s value changes with time, use, and deterioration. When Engineered Tax Services’ cost segregation experts look at your property, they consider the depreciation of your property. This tax deduction is what reflects the loss of value over time. It can allow you to recover the cost of wear and tear. Therefore, your cost segregation ROI comes from all of that.

Cost Segregation ROI

Cost segregation is a technique that is approved by the IRS. When you choose to have a cost segregation study done, your individual assets are the main focus. These assets are expensed based on their depreciable lives. This helps you out with cost segregation ROI and tax savings because it considers just one part, not the property as a whole.

Cost Segregation ROI For example, when you segregate short term assets of building components that are non-structural in nature, this can lead to great wealth preservation by managing your investment in a very tax efficient manner. Short term assets like this include: cabinetry, fixtures, flooring, internal piping, landscape, land improvements, parking lots, mechanical systems, lighting systems, special electrical work, etc.

Cost Segregation Total Realized Savings

Through a recent cost segregation study done by Engineered Tax Services, one of the country’s largest fast-food chains had $1,678,696.08 in total realized tax savings. These tax savings are your ROI. The savings can contribute to putting more money in to your company, property, or other business ventures.

At Engineered Tax Services, a cost-segregation study provides annual additional tax benefits. These benefits allow you to expense maintenance, repairs, and/or dispositions as you improve your property. There are even more benefits that can also come with a cost segregation study. Some of the other benefits include: property tax savings, energy cost savings, and insurance savings.

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