Tax Expert Tells Us Three Things We Need to Know About the Budget Deal
Tax Expert and CEO of Engineered Tax Services shares three things that you should know about the Bipartisan Budget Act.

West Palm Beach, FL.   February 10, 2018
The United States Chamber reported today that Congress finally passed the Bipartisan Budget Act. Tax expert and CEO of Engineered Tax Services, Julio Gonzalez, shares with us three important things everyone should know:  Read More


Engineered Tax Services Proudly Welcomes Former Senator John Loudon to the Advisory Board
Former Senator, John Loudon, recently joined the Engineered Tax Services Advisory Board to oversee government affairs. He also took the role as President of the Gonzalez Family Office.

West Palm Beach, FL.   January 19, 2018
Tax reform expert and CEO of Engineered Tax Services (ETS), Julio Gonzalez, welcomes former Missouri Senator, John Loudon, to the ETS Advisory Board, where he will oversee government affairs. John will also serve as President for the Gonzalez Family Office.  Read More