A True Partnership In Cost Segregation

Even though we know some CPA firms (this article’s focus) have in-house Cost Segregation services, at Engineered Tax Services, we partner with everyone, even the ones that do!

Cost Segregation Specialty Tax Partners

At Engineered Tax Services, our team of Engineers, Architects, CPAs, and Cost Segregation professionals are here to help! Bringing value to your firm and tax savings to your clients is number one priority.

Yes, an actual partnership in specialty tax services!

So today, we felt it was essential to revisit why ETS is the leader in cost segregation and why you should do business and partner with us.

Value Driven

With over a decade experience and delivering over 20,000 Engineered-Cost Segregation studies, we have built a platform of education through practice.

At ETS, we want every CPA firm, commercial property owner, and tax specialist to have the best information on cost segregation.

Not only the best information and data about tax savings achievable through cost segregation but the understanding of how cost segregation works. This information allows CPA firms to be informed and to stay within IRS best practices, helping their clients from taking unnecessary audit risks.

Another key factor is that ETS is not a CPA firm, rather we are a licensed engineering firm. We chose this structure specifically to be a value-add partner with CPA firms to prevent larger CPA firms from poaching existing clients with these more complex services. This also allows us the unique ability to make client referrals to you!

We can essentially serve as your in-house business development team.

Educational Workshops And CPEs

In addition to our experience and knowledge in the industry, we have an excellent offering of free educational workshops and continuing education credit courses, offered online monthly, as well throughout the United States at conferences, through the tax industry, and other commercial industry sectors. We also offer live lunch-and-learn presentations personally for your firm.

Our growing team of business directors and cost segregation professionals cover all 50 states! We are always happy to arrange and meet with your organization for an educational presentation and comprehensive overview of Cost Segregation, Engineered-Studies, and all the specialty tax services we offer.

Tax Tools

Another area Engineered Tax Services stands out is our offering of free tax tools both available online, as well as via downloadable files. These tax tools can ultimately help assist your company or firm make an accurate decision when it comes to cost segregation.


In closing the team at ETS want to say thank you to all of our partners in the CPA, Tax, and commercial property industries. Without you, we wouldn't be able to do what we love here at ETS!

If you would like more information about our education opportunities, our tax tools, or more information about our services, please click the button below. We look forward to speaking with you!


Engineered Tax Services

Engineered Tax Services

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