Ask an Expert: Do Cost Segregation Studies Put You At Risk?

What if the IRS does not accept the reports?

We provide a guarantee on our reports. Additionally, due to our diligence, expertise and licensing, we are able to insure our reports with Lloyds of London for up to $3,000,000 per report. We also get more mileage out of each report in terms of energy and insurance benefits. The key to our reports is to yield as much benefit as possible for you in the areas of tax, energy and insurance while having the product exceed IRS guidelines and produce the highest reclassification.

Will there be any consequences to me or my business if I have a cost segregation study performed?

We take the marriage of accounting and engineering very seriously and have built our firm on that foundation. In addition to our licensed engineers, we have a tax expert on staff that worked with the IRS for 32 years and performed tax controversy work for Deloitte for several years.

We take all legal considerations when conducting cost segregation studies. With ETS on your side, you can be sure that your study will go as planned without consequence to your or your business. If you have any further questions about cost segregation studies, check out our other FAQs here and here or email

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