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Consider Engineered Tax Services (ETS) as you enter the market in search of a new specialty tax provider to handle your Research & Development (R&D) needs. Without competing for your accounting work, ETS can help you and your clients identify and capture the R&D credit and increase cash flow for all involved. Credits for qualified activities are available in addition to deductions. The credit is a dollar-for-dollar cash offset against your taxes and can be significant if properly pursued.

You don’t have to be a manufacturer to claim the R&D credit. Companies of all sizes in a wide range of industries throughout the United States have used the R&D tax credit.

Why Consider ETS for your Specialty Tax Needs:

  • We are a Licensed Engineering firm which sets us apart from other Specialty Tax Providers in that we do not compete with CPAs. We offer the most detailed and comprehensive Engineering reports to ensure the highest level of compliance and protection against IRS review.
  • We is one of the only qualified professional engineering firms that has a staff comprised of its own licensed engineers (to include LEED Accredited Professionals), tax attorneys, and tax experts ranging from CPAs to a former senior IRS executive, all with extensive backgrounds in Research & Development.
  • We have account reps who are not merely sales professionals, but rather they serve as your “Quarterback” to provide a single, knowledgeable point of contact from start to finish on each project.
  • We specialize in a full range of Specialty Tax Services from Cost Segregation, R&D Tax Credits, Repairs vs. Capitalization reviews, and Energy Incentives including state, local, utility, and federal rebates, credits and deductions to ensure that your client has the best service and doesn’t miss valuable opportunities, all under one roof!
  • We strive to create a reciprocal Strategic Partnership with firms across the country for expanding service offerings, increasing client retention and competitive advantage, as well as driving new opportunities to your door! This is about a reciprocal relationship between ETS and your firm!


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