David O'Brien

Managing Partner

We have compiled an impressive group of Advisory Board members including some of Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influencial CPAs. Their expertise adds to our technical expertise and knowledge in engineering based tax advisory services and IRS tax code interpretation.

As founder and Managing Partner of the government affairs consulting firm, O’Brien, Gentry & Scott, LLC, Mr. O’Brien is a recognized leader in Washington on issues of federal policy, defense and fair trade practices.

For over 30 years, Mr. O’Brien has successfully represented domestic and international client interests in the areas of strategic communications, military installation and logistics, energy policy, space and satellite technology, military defense systems including aerospace and shipbuilding programs, and broad federal policy reform initiatives. Over the course of his career, O’Brien has demonstrated the effectiveness of building strong bi-partisan relationships in Congress to advance critical program initiatives within the federal agencies on behalf of his clients. O’Brien has led the development and implementation of major policy and federal funding initiatives that have resulted in significant revenues for numerous clients. He understands how to build strategies to gain Congressional support for programs important to his clients and the federal government as well as the development of new opportunities and expanded government markets across agencies for his clients.

In addition, Mr. O’Brien is recognized as a leader in advocating for fair and open trade markets between the U.S. and its allies. In various advisory roles for the Canadian Commercial Corporation and British, Netherlands and Norwegian Ministries of Defense over the years, O’Brien has been directly involved in major policy matters, including leading efforts to stop protectionist policies while promoting fair trade between the U.S. and allied nations on the basis of the best, most cost effective technologies regardless of the country of origin.

Mr. O’Brien formed O’Brien & Associates, LLC in 1981, which became O’Brien, Gentry & Scott, LLC in 2012. Prior to forming O’Brien & Associates, LLC, Mr. O’Brien was a Senior Consultant with the Washington Management Group where he played an integral role in the reorganization of major corporations.