Echo Karras, JD.

Client Development Director

As a Professional Advisor, Echo enjoys helping small businesses get the results they want and create the security they need to soar in their industry. As a Solutions Expert, she helps people move beyond “stuck,” whatever that might look like for them.

With more than 25 years’ experience as a licensed insurance professional and with degrees in accounting, finance, and law, Echo combines her knowledge and experience with proven systems, strategies, and processes to customize any success plan to help clients achieve victory.

For decades, Echo has helped people discover easy, satisfying solutions that provide clarity, peace of mind, and success. With a lifetime “love of numbers,” Echo is an advocate of business, consumer law, and finance. Passionate about her work with the Engineered Advisory Community, Echo focuses on delivering specialty tax and consultative solutions to business owners, developers, and investors.

Echo has been married to her husband, Mark, for 20 years and she lives in Daytona Beach, FL. She is mother to one grown son and stepmonster to three others. She loves to travel and to spend time with fun, interesting people.

echo karras

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