Frank Villani

Business Development

Born and raised in New Jersey and I relocated to Florida in 2003. BS in Chemistry from Seton Hall University and MBA in Finance and International Business from Iona College.Work experience includes working as an analytical chemist on FDA generic drug approvals, sales and quality for a US Representative of various foreign generic drug manufacturers. Real Estate Investing and Rehab. Owned and managed a General Contracting and Roofing Firm. Worked in recruiting, payroll and data/quality analysis with a leading nationwide Anesthesia hospital practice management firm. Joined ETS as an Engineer, advanced to Director of Operations and my role is now in Business Development over my soon to be 5 years with ETS. I live in Lake Worth, Florida with my wife and two stepsons and I support our headquarters office in West Palm Beach, Florida. My hobbies include bowling, fantasy sports and poker. 

frank villani