Jerome (Jerry) Pierce Jr.

Jerome (Jerry) Pierce Jr. is the President of The Interamerica Group, (TIG) a leading management consulting and government relations firm based in Washington DC. and Sao Paulo, Brazil. In this capacity, Mr. Pierce has advised hundreds of companies and federal government agencies on improving efficiencies and outputs while reducing costs by incorporating the latest in innovative technology.  He is an expert on Brazilian commerce, government and culture and advises US companies on strategies on entering the Latin American market. Mr. Pierce is also an owner and board member of USA Hispanic and Politico Hispano newspapers where he writes on issues pertaining to business, government, and politics in the US and Latin America. He is fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Pierce served as Deputy Mayor of Jersey City, New Jersey where he supported the Mayor with the successful introduction of the medical saving accounts, school choice programs, and property tax debt securitization programs, which helped, lead to the resurgence of the city.

Prior to this Mr. Pierce served President George H.W. Bush and Secretary Jack Kemp as an Assistant Secretary of Administration.  In this capacity, he had direct oversight over the Housing agency’s annual budget, information technology, finance and accounting, personnel, procurement and contracts.  During this time, Mr. Pierce received exceptional insight to the inner workings of the U.S Congress, the White House/ Executive Branch and the diverse government agencies.

Mr. Pierce has experience in the corporate world working as an executive with Mobil Oil and Unocal Chemicals.  During his tenure at the companies, Mr. Pierce worked in sales and business development of petroleum products and chemicals and created the direct export division of these products to the Caribbean and Latin America

Immediately upon graduation from college, Mr. Pierce served as a missionary and volunteer with El Verbo Ministries in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.  In this capacity, he provided diverse services to people with special needs, including teaching at local schools, working on prison rehabilitation projects, and providing counseling for drug-addicted teens.

Pierce received his Bachelor’s Degree in Latin American Studies and Spanish from Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, where he excelled as captain of the football team.  He is the all-time leading tackler at Dartmouth with 387 tackles including 35 in one game. He is recognized by ESPN in its encyclopedia of college football as a part of the all-time Dartmouth Team. He received the prestigious Swede Nelson Award given by the Boston Gridiron Association for outstanding achievement in academics, athletics, sportsmanship and citizenship. He performed his graduate studies in Public Administration at American University.

Politically, Mr. Pierce served as a member of President George W Bush’s Transition Advisory Committee, and worked on the Bush-Cheney ’00 and ’04 National Finance Committees, and the Rudy Giuliani 2008 presidential campaign. He worked on the finance team for the Donald J Trump presidential campaign and served as a Trump surrogate to the international media. Mr. Pierce is a member of the Board of Directors of Hispanic 100 and a member of the Trump Hispanic Advisory Council.

Mr. Pierce is a 2014 recipient of the Golden Rule International Award given out by the United Nations for his service to humanity. He is a contributing writer to China Go Abroad, Latam Founders newsletters Politico Hispano newspaper and to his blog at