Building Profitable Niche Services – With No Capital Needed

An Innovative Assessment Program Designed to Boost Your Profitability

Million of dollars in tax benefits are frequently buried like hidden treasure within you firm's client records. Engineered Tax Services will work with you to uncover these treasures, opening the door to additional revenue for your firm and substantial tax savings for your clients.

The goal of the Hidden Treasures program is to generate substantial income for accounting and law firms by auditing your clients' depreciation schedules. Your firm can dramatically improve its bottom line, develop new ongoing revenue stream, enhance client relationships, and become more competitive in the marketplace. In addition, you will earn a million dollars' worth of loyalty from your real estate clients by providing them with valuable tax benefits available through energy tax and cost segregation studies performed by Engineered Tax Services on your behalf.

Real estate clients rely on your expertise to provide them with tax strategy techniques for maximizing revenue and expense reduction alternatives. Our experience shows that a quick and easy analysis of your clients' depreciation schedules will assist you in generating significant tax savings for clients, building stranger client loyalty and developing additional long-term revenues for your firm. Our simplified process allows us to do this without any capital investment on your part and very little time commitment from your staff.

Before the analysis begins, it is imperative to have complete buy-in from all of your partners. Auditing the entire client list is an essential piece of the process. We can help communicate the benefits of this programs to your partners and stand by to describe the value of firm wide participation. With the nod of approval from each partner, the process may begin.

Our Work is Guarantee

The beauty of the hidden treasures audit program is that you can:

  • Create a new revenue stream
  • Obtain new clients
  • Solidify existing relationships
  • Enhance your reputation
  • Improve your firm's competitive positioning in the marketplace

Data Mining

The first step is to analyze your current client files to identify which clients have real estate holdings. Typically, in about an hour, your administrator can run a report through your tax software to generate a list of clients with real estate so that depreciation schedules can be run. Within a few hours, depreciation schedules are electronically redacted and printed with client numbers for identification purposes and forward to us for independent analysis.

Benefit Analysis

Upon receipt of the depreciation schedules, we will perform a benefit analysis to determine cost segregation and energy opportunities for each client. Within a week, qualified leads and estimated tax benefits for each will be identified. Based on a firm your size, we anticipate discovering between 30-75 opportunities to be culled from the analysis process. We return the detailed stimulates of the valuable tax savings identified to you and set up a conference with you and your partners to prepare a notification to qualifying clients.

Client communications and Engagement

The next step is to communicate with the clients identified for cost segregation and energy opportunities. The timeline on this phase varies depending upon the availability of each client and partner, but generally takes between on sand four weeks. In our experience, clients warmly welcome the news that additional tax savings are possible. We can handle the benefit discussion with clients or support you in your efforts. Marketing materials as well as ETS professionals may be available to help you with client communications.


Once the engagement letters have been signed and reeived, we will prepare IRS-sanctioned reports and studies for each identified client. The cost segregation studies and energy reports as engaged by clients identified in the analysis are typically completed and delivered within 45 days from onset of the engagement.

Areas of Potential Savings Include

  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Energy Tax Certification
  • Repairs vs. Capitalization
  • Research & Development
  • Historical Tax Credits
  • Abandonment Studies
  • Insurance Appraisals
  • Reserve Studies
  • Pre-Construction Tax Planning

Your clients expect your sage advice and guidance and to stand behind your products. Under our exclusive service agreement, we provide full warranty and audit support at no charge. We welcome the opportunity to explore the tremendous return on investment for your firm. Please contact us for more information or schedule a complimentary presentation at 800-236-6519 or e-mail us here.


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