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Webinar Summary

This webinar, hosted by Ben Collins, provides a comprehensive guide to simplifying the grant funding process. It covers the basics of grant funding, the importance of measurable public benefits, and the steps to develop a successful grant strategy. The session also includes insights into the current grant landscape, common challenges faced by grant seekers, and practical advice on how to overcome these obstacles.

High-Level Overview

The webinar aims to demystify the complexities of grant funding by offering a structured approach to securing grants. Ben Collins, with over 20 years of experience in grant proposal writing and management, shares his expertise on how to align your project with available funding opportunities. The session emphasizes the importance of understanding your project's measurable public benefits, the necessity of strategic research, and the value of a well-crafted case for support. The webinar also highlights the significance of performance over ideas and provides a roadmap for developing a winning grant strategy.

Key Highlights

  • Introduction to the complexities of grant funding and the need for simplification.
  • Explanation of measurable public benefits as a core requirement for grant funding.
  • Grants are not free money; they are contracts requiring performance in return for funding.
  • Importance of strategic research to assess client readiness and market demand.
  • Overview of the current grant landscape, including major funding sectors and success rates.
  • Detailed breakdown of what constitutes a strong case for support.
  • Emphasis on performance metrics and specific deliverables in grant applications.
  • Challenges faced by grant seekers, such as lack of time, difficulty finding matching opportunities, and increased funder requirements.
  • Highlighted funding areas for 2024: healthcare, clean energy, rural business, education, and job creation.
  • Steps to start the grant application process with ETS, including a complimentary grant project analysis.
  • Q&A session addressing specific questions about credit building, pricing, federal vs. private grants, and more.