Grow your firm with Cost Segregation

Increase Your Firms Cash Flow With Cost Segregation

The Benefits
Cost Segregation, an IRS approved tax strategy, increases near term cash flow by utilizing shorter recovery periods to accelerate the return on capital from your investment property. The difference is a change in depreciation from 39-year (commercial) or 27.5-year (residential) periods down to 5, 7 or 15 depreciation year periods. Whether newly constructed, purchased or renovated, the components of your building may be properly classified through a cost segregation study into shorter recovery periods for computing depreciation deductions.

How important is a Cost Segregation Study?
Only an engineering-based Cost Segregation Study performed by specialized experts, will allow all property to be approved by the IRS for accelerated depreciation. Even if you are depreciating in an accelerated manner, you may still be missing out on benefits. Always perform the proper due diligence when selecting a licensed engineered firm to ensure you receive the maximum benefit available to you. Read more here, “What Makes Us Different!” about Engineered Tax Services.

Tax Benefits from Cost Segregation Studies
A Cost Segregation Study defers tax liabilities for investors and building owners. They can use this benefit in the following ways:

  • To leverage their real estate investment to scale their business.
  • Pursue other opportunities that offer significant returns.
  • Invest in new equipment, warehouse management software and add a small off-hours staff.
  • Implement new product concepts to production and launch.
  • Invest in other areas of the business for business growth the options are endless.
  • And often less thought of, effectively change income from ordinary income (35%) to capital gains income (15%) on the sale of a property.

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Engineered Tax Services

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