Increase Revenue for Your Business with a Cost Segregation Study!

Have you considered cost segregation studies in the past, but they were too expensive, with too little guidance for an accepted study? Times have changed. You can now consider a study with confidence. The fees have gone down for superior savings, the IRS has published effective rules and a one-year catch up is permitted. Now is the perfect time to review your opportunities.

Selecting a Cost Segregation Provider

When shopping for a cost segregation provider, be aware of the difference in quality, data and procedures followed and detailed in the report which yield more mileage. We are one of the only legitimate licensed engineering firms in the industry that has professionally licensed engineers on staff who have mechanical and structural expertise. Our firm can break down 39 and 27.5-year property in detail. This allows you to better manage all assets from a tax perspective in terms of leases, abandonment and sale.

Selecting a qualified and experienced tax provider will reduce your tax liability. We take the marriage of accounting and engineering very seriously and have built our firm on that foundation. In addition to our licensed engineers, we have a tax expert on staff that worked with the IRS for 32 years and performed tax controversy work for Deloitte for several years. Also, be wary of firms that do not charge market price for a highly specialized service. Firms without tax experts to consult and collaborate on engineering studies raise red flags with the IRS because it reflects a lack of expertise in cost estimation.

ETS provide a guarantee on our reports. Additionally, due to our diligence, expertise and licensing, we are able to insure our reports with Lloyds of London for up to $3,000,000 per report. We also get more mileage out of each report in terms of energy and insurance benefits. The key to our reports is to yield as much benefit as possible for you in the areas of tax, energy and insurance while having the product exceed IRS guidelines and produce the highest reclassification.

We welcome the opportunity to explore the tremendous return on investment your participation in the Hidden Treasures program may yield. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Please ask us how we are helping real estate investors, property owners and tenants benefit from their investments in such areas as:
Cost Segregation Studies
Tangible Property Regulations
Disposition Studies
Historical Tax Credits
• Historical Appraisals
New Market Tax Credits
EPAct Tax Deductions
Energy Audits
DEIRA Insurance


“We have utilized ETS for cost segregation studies and certain energy and R&D tax credit engagements for our firm's real estate holdings as well as for our clients' real estate and business interests. The way ETS incorporates energy credits and insurance into other engagements for maximum benefit is unique – no one else does this. The fact that ETS insures their reports through Lloyds of London instills confidence and security. I have personally referred over 60 contacts to ETS for cost segregation studies. The professionals are competent, service-oriented and, most of all, provide cost savings to our clients.”
Michael I. Daszkal, CPA | Managing Partner | Daszkal Bolton LLP


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