Enhancements to the R&D Tax Credit

R&D Tax Credit Enhancements

The recent enhancements to the R&D tax credit as part of the PATH Act of 2015 included making the R&D credit permanent for the first time, having AMT turnoff for small to mid-sized companies, and allowing the credit to offset payroll taxes for start-up companies. The REACH Act would continue to augment this important tax incentive meant to stimulate job creation, start-up venture capital and private equity, and innovation and manufacturing within the United States. The National Director of Engineered Tax Services, David Mayer, along with CEO and founder of ETS, Julio Gonzalez, know how important it is to provide incentives that allow us to be competitive in terms of job growth and stimulating more start-up companies in the United States.

For more information regarding cost segregation, contact Dave Mayer at dmayer@engineeredtaxservices.com or your ETS director for more information.

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