Since the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT) was enacted, ETS has been at the forefront of the energy accreditation and related tax benefits field. We speak regularly before national and regional energy groups and work closely with the IRS on evolving energy-related issues. We have been retained by some of the country’s leading CPA firms to provide services to their clients. In addition, we have worked directly with several Fortune 500 companies as well as some highly recognizable brands, including Google, IKEA, MSNBC, etc.Our technical expertise in energy accreditation is unmatched. We effectively marry the sciences of engineering and accounting through our utilization of exceptional tax and accounting professionals as well as licensed engineers. ETS engineering professionals have over 100 years of combined experience in energy modeling. The ETS engagement team includes multi-disciplinary professionals such as Professional Engineers (PE), LEED Accredited Professionals (AP), Certified Public Accountants (CPA) and architectural professionals. Our collaborative and proactive approach has made us the leading provider of energy tax services.Through strategic partnerships, we work in tandem with CPA firms, architectural firms, contractors and attorneys. We perform engineering-based specialty tax services for firms of all sizes around the country, resulting in considerable tax savings for their clients.Through a partnership with ETS, you’ll benefit from having professional, licensed engineers who possess the specific expertise to perform accurate, thorough and compliant engineering-based specialty tax services – with little or no capital investment to your firm.

Top Ten ETS Energy Advantages:

  • Our multi-disciplinary expertise and vast, specialized experience enable us to deliver unmatched quality and continuum of service
  • We understand the IRS technical issues involved in energy tax credits, including the benefit of donating the credits from public buildings to designers
  • Nationally sought, we have been asked to participate in local, regional and national conferences by making presentations to share our knowledge and expertise
  • We have LEED Accredited Professionals on staff
  • All of our reports are forensic, fully insured and provide audit defense
  • ETS is approved by NASBA and the USGBC to provide continuing professional education (CPE and CE) on energy topics
  • We are nationally published and recognized as experts
  • ETS is a member of ASHRAE and USGBC
  • We have been engaged by the Los Angeles Community College District to certify over 250 buildings to benefit the local stimulus
  • We have worked with Fortune 500 companies, Top 100-ranked accounting firms, national real estate firms, international architects, and many of the top lighting firms in the country

Hidden Treasures

Ask us about our Hidden Treasures program, an innovative assessment system designed to boost your profitability based on your real estate investments. Please ask us how we are helping CPA firms, attorneys, architects, contractors, real estate investors, property owners and tenants benefit from their real estate investments in such areas as:

  • Cost Segregation Studies
  • Historical Tax Credits
  • Historical Appraisals
  • New Market Tax Credits
  • 179D EPAct Tax Deductions
  • Energy Audits
  • DEIRA Insurance
  • Abandonment Studies
  • Enterprise Zone Tax Credits
  • Research & Development Tax Credits
  • Brown Field Tax Credits
  • Green Leasing

To learn more about how ETS is helping the world take advantage of valuable energy-based tax benefits or to request detailed information, please contact us at 800.236.6519.