Free Download: The Builder's Guide To The 45L Energy Tax Credit

Now that Congress has retroactively extended the 45L Energy Tax Credit for 2018 through the end of 2020, builders and developers can gain substantial value—if they understand eligibility requirements for their energy-efficient dwelling units. The 45L tax credit, which equates to $2,000 per unit for energy-efficient residential or multifamily properties, can be applied to new construction as well as renovations that meet the required 50% reduction in heating and cooling energy consumption.

If you are a contractor or a developer of properties completed within the past three years, you’ll want to understand all related energy consumption reduction requirements.

Engineered Tax Services, a leading tax credit expert, has published a free four-page guide, The Builder’s Guide to the 45L Energy Tax Credit.

Topics include:

  • Qualifying properties
  • Energy reduction requirements
  • Variables affecting the consumption requirement
  • Key criteria by component with specifications

Key criteria are presented in an easy-to-follow chart that will help you determine whether you have a project
eligible for the 45L Energy Tax Credit.

Builder’s Guide to the 45L Energy Tax Credit
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Builders Guide to the 45L Energy Tax Credit