Hotel Owners Can Increase ROI with Specialty Tax Incentives

Are you a hotel owner? If so, you can increase your return on investment (ROI) with specialty tax incentives, such as cost segregation for accelerated depreciation and reduced tax liability. Engineered Tax Services (ETS) can help with this. As a commercial property owner or investor, there are several IRS-sanctioned tax benefits within your reach. These benefits are designed to uncover hidden value and profitability within your investments. ETS specializes in assisting hotel owners and their CPAs by identifying state and federal tax saving opportunities.

179D Energy Tax Benefits for Hotel Owners

As a hotel owner, you may qualify for a tax benefit of up to $1.80 per square foot for improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings or designing high efficiency into new buildings placed into service (new construction or renovation) after December 31, 2005, but before December 31, 2017. ETS engineers will help you assess your eligibility, explain the IRS guidelines, and work with you through the certification process. The IRS certifies ETS for the Energy Certification Process so you can claim your deduction without delay.

Cost Segregation Studies for Hotel Owners

Through our cost segregation studies, we work to uncover potential tax savings and increase cash flow through reclassification and depreciation of property. ETS provides the “Next Generation Cost Segregation Study” through a detailed engineering review as part of our reporting process. We work seamlessly with the IRS and your CPA firm for minimal disruption to your business.

263(A) Repair and Maintenance Studies

Typically, these types of renovations and image enhancements are carried as capital improvements, adding onto your 39-year depreciable property. The tax law allows hotel operators to re-qualify these expenses through an engineering study that allows investors to take substantial additional tax deductions today. These studies can generate significant cash flow and refunds.

At ETS, we partner with property investors nationally to provide independent, third-party certification as required by the IRS to help them take advantage of significant tax benefits.

ETS' experienced team of engineers can help you assess past, current, and future projects for tax benefits and guide you through the reporting and certification process. ETS works in collaboration with your CPA firm to ensure the process of obtaining your tax benefits follow legislation guidelines. We are approved for the Energy Efficiency Certification Process and possess the intricate, engineering-based skills needed to help our clients take advantage of specialty tax services resulting in increased profitability for their businesses.

Do you have questions about cost segregations studies for hotel owners, or need more information about other specialty tax services from ETS? Request a Free Benefit Analysis to identify an estimated benefit and ensure a cost segregation study makes sense for your business.

To learn more about cost segregation studies, call Engineered Tax Services at (800) 236-6519 or visit cost segregation page for more information.


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