Comprehensive Specialty Tax and Advisory Services for Architects and Engineers

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To remain competitive, architects and engineers must increasingly offer advisory services to drive additional value in their client relationships. This requires an understanding of your client’s total business needs, even beyond the scope of the project you are undertaking, so that you can anticipate their future needs. 

For the past 20 years, Engineered Tax Services has provided full-service specialty tax services and tax planning to help architects, engineers and contractors capture significant federal incentives for their clients. As your clients’ needs have evolved, we’ve built our consulting services to help architecture firms seek ways to drive more value into their client relationships. 

Now, with the addition of The Growth Partnership (TGP) and ABLE CRM to our family of services, ETS can provide your architecture firm a full scope of practice management solutions through consultation, training, software and industry expertise. The end result? You focus on your clients while we help you drive new revenue streams that will secure your future.

Specialty Tax Services and Tax Planning: Maximizing Value Through Tax Savings

Are you taking advantage of every opportunity to maximize tax savings? Architects and engineers are often unaware that their projects can qualify for specialty tax credits and deductions. As a design-build professional, both you and your clients may be entitled to substantial federal tax incentives. Engineered Tax Services partners with architects, engineers and contractors nationally to provide independent, third-party certification as required by the IRS to help them take advantage of significant tax benefits.

ETS is the only licensed engineering firm providing specialty tax services to the architecture vertical.

We can help your firm capture tens of thousands of dollars in tax savings through the following services:

You become a value-added advisor to your clients when you introduce cost-saving tax strategies during the design process, and you can apply these tax-saving strategies to win more bids. 

Many of the services you currently provide qualify for beneficial tax savings that increase your cash flow and improve your competitive advantage. Our specialty tax services provide exclusive benefits for architecture firms by:

  • Increasing your competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Attracting new clients to your firm
  • Solidifying current client relationships and loyalty
  • Allowing your firm to remain in control of your client relationships
  • Providing business development approaches and training of firm professionals

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ETS can assist in securing the documentation that is required for designers and builders to take advantage of the Cost Segregation, R&D Tax Credit, 179D energy tax benefit, and 45L Tax Credit.

The Architect's Guide to R&D Tax Credits

Find out if you qualify for valuable R&D tax credits

ETS Advisory Services for Architects

With the addition of TGP and ABLE to the ETS suite of services, architecture and design firms will benefit from state-of-the-art training, specialized CRM tools and industry marketing expertise—all directed at helping you function as full business advisors to your clients. 

The Growth Partnership

TGP’s comprehensive service offerings include: 

  • AIA Leadership Academy: Partnering with the AIA to develop future leaders in architecture. 
  • The Trusted Advisor Program: Architecture and engineering firms can achieve sustainable, profitable growth by shifting from being project-focused to a more proactive, advisory-focused approach. Learn more.
  • Outsourced Marketing: With a focus on securing a return on investment, TGP can serve as an architecture firm’s outsourced marketing department.
  • The Partner Institute™: A comprehensive, three-year, world-class leadership development experience. Learn more.
  • Strategic Planning: A three-stage approach to help firms prepare for the future, develop action plans, tackle difficult issues and address partner succession. Learn more.
  • Executive Search and Placement: Our highly experienced executive recruiting team will collaborate with you to find top talent to fill executive and board positions for your firm

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