179D Energy Study for a Hotel in Gainsville, Florida

$119,390 in Total Realized Tax Savings

Location Square Footage Accelerated Tax
Gainsville, FL 66,328 $119,390
Total Building Cost  $119,390
This property underwent upgrades in lighting, building envelope and HVAC to receive the full $1.80 energy tax benefit.
Envelope – Insulated glass, double pane thermal break windows and doors, white reflective single-ply roofing system – $0.60
Lighting – Low-voltage fluorescent – $0.60
HVAC – Natural gas units, split unit systems, motion activated room thermostat, continuous flow hot water service – $0.60

179D Energy Policy Act 

The 179D energy certification calculates the tax deduction achieved from the installation of energy-efficient assets, including HVAC, building envelope, and lighting. The building may qualify for up to $1.80 per square foot ($0.60 per square foot for each system); however, partial deductions are allowed for lighting.  The 179D energy deduction is available for newly constructed or energy renovated commercial buildings as well as apartment buildings 4 stories or more. Commercial property owners who pay taxes can claim the benefit with the exception of government-owned buildings where the tax deduction may be allocated to the designer. In order to qualify for these deductions, an analysis of your energy savings is required by a qualified firm like Engineered Tax Services. The savings are significant can additional tax benefits are often identified through the engineering process.  Contact ETS for more information.

Hotel Gainsville Florida

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