Partner Compensation: Realistic Expectations

Complimentary Webinar on June 02, 2010 from 2:00-3:00PM (EST)There is a key underlying criterion for any successful partner compensation program – the compensation program needs to support and promote that strategic direction of the firm. Problems arise when the compensation reward system is in conflict with the firm's stated strategic direction. This webinar will explain how to get your compensation system aligned with your firm's strategic direction. You will also learn what the most successful firms reward, why you need to develop partner goals for billable and non-billable time at the start of the year, and how to develop a culture of accountability. You will walk away with ideas, solutions and strategies you can implement at your own firm.


Webinar Objectives:

  • Be challenged to replace traditional thinking about how to reward people
    in the knowledge worker age
  • Consider possible changes to your own compensation plans
  • Begin to modify your current compensation plan


August J. Aquila, PhD, is a nationally known consultant to the accounting profession and an Advisory Board member for Engineered Tax Services. He is the co-author of Compensation as a Strategic Asset (AICPA 2007) and speaks and writes extensively on compensation, succession planning and merger topics. August has been selected by Accounting Today as one of the most influential people in the accounting profession. He currently heads up Chantrey Capital Advisors and Aquila Global Advisors.


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