Property Condition Assessments

Property condition assessments (PCA) are essential to those who may be purchasing, leasing or financing property. These thorough assessments, which include all improvements and systems of each building on the property, require a team of specialists trained to inspect government/public, commercial and private facilities. 

Engineered Tax Services will perform a physical walk-through inspection of the facility to determine the condition of each building system. Systems include all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and architectural components of a building. There can easily be 80+ systems within a building that will need to be inspected and documented. The condition is based on any deficiencies and remaining useful life of each system. 

Property Condition Assessment
Property Condition Assessments

This information is valuable for determining the timing for required system repairs and renewals. Modeling and documenting the condition of each system will assess the overall facility condition and allow you to plan for the proper level of investment based upon the function of the facility.

Engineered Tax Services can help to:

  • Establish current repair costs
  • Forecast future costs
  • Plan energy-efficient systems
  • Organize and better plan for your investment

Other valuable tax incentives to consider following a FCA:

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