R&D Tax Credit for Life Sciences

Many Life Science companies (including Pharmaceuticals, Bio-Technology, and Medical Devices) are missing out on valuable tax credits they deserve! One such credit is the R&D Tax Credit (Research & Development Tax Credit) offered by the IRS for the purpose of incentivizing companies that perform R&D activities. The credit is designed to reimburse companies who develop new products or inventions and offers a significant percentage back to the company for Qualified Research Activities and Qualified Research Expenses. You do not need to be a large company to qualify for the credit. ETS has helped companies of all sizes across the US to identify these expenditures and receive the tax benefits they have been missing.

Life Science Companies Can Potentially Claim The R&D Tax Credit For The Subsequent Cost Centers:

  • Pre-Clinical / Molecular Design
  • Clinical Trial Phase I
  • Clinical Trial Phase II
  • Clinical Trial Phase III
  • Medical Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs – for the delta you go above and beyond minimum FDA requirements

Become aware of what qualifies and what does not qualify with collaboration agreements with or without milestone payments in connection to collaboration with:

  • CROs
  • CDMOs
  • CMCs
  • CMOs
  • CRAMs
  • PDOs
  • And many others……..

Engage the true subject matter experts today with the tax technical wherewithal and extensive depth and breadth of industry expertise needed to qualify and quantify a R&D Tax Credit claim in the Life Science Industry. Please contact us at (561) 253-664 or email here.