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Our blog covers a broad spectrum of tax-related topics, from detailed insights into specific tax benefits to news on the latest regulatory developments. We delve into various tax strategies, providing clear steps and tools to help you implement these strategies effectively. Our expert analysis offers a deep understanding of the tax landscape, helping you make informed decisions and drive your financial growth.

We understand that the world of taxation is constantly evolving, with new laws, regulations and compliance issues emerging regularly. Our blog keeps you abreast of these developments, offering timely news and insights that can have a significant impact on your tax planning and management.

In addition to providing valuable tax insights and news, our blog also offers guidance on related areas such as finance, business development and technology. We recognize that these areas are often intertwined with taxation and understanding these interconnections can provide a more holistic view of your financial management.

We invite you to explore our blog, leverage the insights it offers and stay informed about the latest developments in the world of taxation. With our blog, you have a wealth of tax insights and news at your fingertips, helping you navigate the complexities of taxation and achieve your financial goals.

Decreasing Your Tax Burden With A Cost Segregation Study

There are two primary methods for expensing real estate costs: the traditional straight-line method and an engineering-based cost segregation method. Cost segregation, particularly now, renders a variety of benefits for real estate investors, such as accelerated depreciation schedules, reduced taxable income and increased operating cash flow. Read Full Article Here

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Making the Case for a Specialty Tax Initiative at Your CPA Firm

Any time your CPA firm can differentiate itself by offering a specialty niche, you have the opportunity to stand out from your competition while providing extra value to your clients. Some firms have done so by offering R&D tax credit and cost segregation services, both of which can generate a fresh stream of revenue with

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Why Architects and Engineers are Ideal Candidates for R&D Tax Credits

Business owners in many types of industries, including architecture and engineering, may be eligible for federal and state research and development (R&D) tax credits and not realize it. Some mistakenly believe that these credits only apply to scientists and medical researchers working on the development or improvement of new products, software or pharmaceuticals. Or, they

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Demystifying the Application Process to Claim the 45L Energy-Efficient Home Tax Credit

Builders, developers and homeowners can gain considerable cost savings with the 45L Energy-Efficient Home Tax Credit. As long as they are a qualified contractor for a property that is three stories or lower, and they have incorporated energy-efficient features (i.e., high R-value insulation and roofing, HVAC systems and/or windows and doors) that reduce energy consumption

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Renowned Tax Expert, Julio Gonzalez Speaks Out on Tax History

Julio Gonzalez, National Tax Reform Expert and CEO of Engineered Tax Services, whose strong presence is helping define our current tax laws has been working towards good tax policies and calling out less favorable ones amid COVID-19 stimulus efforts. With the widely-debated next round of stimulus legislation underway, the HEROES Act, there is much debate

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5G Connectivity is Coming Now and Will Change the Way We Live Forever

We have all heard myths and conspiracy theories’ surrounding 5G, and most of us understand that it is a faster cellular connectivity technology, but there is much more. The truth is, 5G connectivity is going to be the backbone for driverless cars, safe drone operation, increased precision in manufacturing, ending traffic on the streets, and

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ETS Tax Alert: Protective Claim for Potential Future Tax Refund

As you may know, the U.S. Supreme Court is considering a case regarding the Affordable Care Act that, depending on the outcome, could significantly affect on two types of income tax, the Additional Medicare Tax and the Net Investment Income Tax. Specifically, if the court determines that these taxes were unconstitutional, you may be eligible

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Rental Property Depreciation Explained

THERE ARE DISTINCT advantages real estate investments deliver that other investments just can't offer. These include rental income, which acts like dividend income, along with substantial tax advantages and expense write-offs, which can feel like bonuses…. Read The Full Article Here on US News & World Report

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Julio Gonzalez, CEO of Engineered Tax Services Enhances His Team

Engineered Tax Services Inc., (ETS) one of the largest tax engineering firms, specializing in the preservation of wealth through IRS engineering-based services, has announced its 5G Division. To embark on this new journey, Julio Gonzalez, Founder, and CEO has hired Jerry Pelusio as Technical Director. Julio Gonzalez – “I’ve known Jerry for many years, and

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