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Engineered Tax Services is proud to offer this no cost, disposition calculator tool as a resource for CPAs and real estate companies to estimate disposition/partial asset dispositions for fixed assets removed, demolished, retired, or no longer in service. This tool was developed using the Producer Product Index (PPI) rollback method while applying additional methods to factor in asset age and condition at the time of removal, increasing the accuracy of the valuation.

Producer Product Index: Discounting the cost of the replacement portion of the asset to its placed in service year cost using the Producer Product Index.

For example)

A taxpayer spends $250,000 in 2015 on new HVAC units, resulting in an improvement, for a building purchased in 2011. The previous HVAC units were not new when the building was purchased, nor was the asset value known. The property owner may utilize a Producer Project Index calculation to identify the value of the original units at purchase. Thereby factoring in the appropriate age and condition in order to determine a partial asset disposition amount at the time of removal.

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The most detailed and precise method for determining disposition remains via a detailed engineering Cost Segregation study, which is also provided by ETS. Our cost segregation studies identify and provide a detailed list of assets to easily capture future disposition deductions.

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