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Using Cost Segregation to Maximize the I.R.C. § 199A Pass-Through Deduction

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act (“TCJA”) provides a new deduction for partnerships, LLCs, S corporations and sole proprietorships (in other words, pass-through entities). This deduction can be as much as 20% of Qualified Business Income (“QBI”), which is equivalent to net profit. The benefit will be significant for the owners of most pass-through entities.

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199a Regulations

Tax Alert: Brief Summary for the Proposed Sec. 199A Regs

Today, Engineered Tax Services provides a quick summary of the 184 pages of regulations released by the IRS this week, more to follow… The term “trade or business” is the Sec. 162 definition. This excludes real estate, absent real estate professional status. But can group rental or intangible property with a trade or business if

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