The Specialty Tax Circle is offered to Accounting Firms as a value added tax service, to be made available to their clients, under the Firm’s own brand.  Small to medium sized Firms are able to compete with larger firms and provide specialty services to their clients by a trusted provider, as well as bring in new clients into the Firm.


Entry to the Specialty Tax Circle is limited due to the personalized and results driven nature of the program.

Program Aim

The aim of the Specialty Tax Circle is to assist member firms growth and profitability by leveraging services associated with specialty tax programs available.

Program Managers

The Specialty Tax Circle is a unique service offered by both Engineered Tax Services (ETS) and Boomer Consulting.  By joining forces, these two industry professionals provide firms with a qualified number of opportunities, experience and resources.

In their own right, both ETS and Boomer Consulting have been providing results driven programs to clients, building sales and profitability within Firms.  This collaboration, however, enriches a Firms sales potential on a proven results platform in this specialty tax arena.

This program is not a typical CPA partnership and is unique in that it leverages from national relationships within the energy real estate community to develop a firm’s opportunities and help the firm develop new client relationships.

Program Scope

The Specialty Tax Circle is made up of two round table sessions of information and education followed by an instructional program tailored for each participating firm and regular session webinars as well as a mentor.

Program Results

Firms can expect to see business growth from new and existing clients through this program.  In 2011, firms experienced sales generation from an initial trial of the program;

  • Dallas regional CPA Partner: $345,000 in Energy engagement, 4 new clients.


  • Charlotte regional CPA Partner: $282,000 in Energy engagements, 3 new clients.


  • Seattle regional CPA Partner: $276,000 in Energy engagements, 3 new clients.