Utility Tax Audits

Lower your energy costs and have the government pay for it!

“Utilities have typically been a good catch for anyone seeking a low-risk investment accompanied by tax savings and stable returns.”

Most states and local jurisdictions assess sales or other excise taxes on the purchase of utilities including, but not limited to, electricity, natural gas, water, and wastewater. Depending on the taxing jurisdiction(s), use of the utilities in the customer’s location, type of operation, multiple locations, etc. is not widely known or published. With that said, taxes and other fees may be able to be reduced or eliminated completely in addition to substantial retroactive cash refunds. These jurisdictions require detailed on-site engineering use or predominant use studies by a qualified independent 3rd party to determine the exact percentages of energy and utility use in various areas and specific operations.

Engineered Tax Services can supply full services in this niche energy tax area including identification and quantification of the opportunity including an overall strategy for success, details on prevailing rules, local laws, completion of an on-site use/predominant use study, processing of exemption or reduction certificate and processing of cash refunds and/or credits for past statutory periods as well as other energy tax and efficiency actions to help maximize benefits and increase cash flow. The laws, treatment and process varies widely between various states and local utility jurisdictions.

Manufacturers, multi-site operations, oil and gas processors, manufacturing and distribution operations.

Generally buildings over 20,000 sq. ft. and/or utility costs greater than $3,000 per month.

Gather one to two months of utility bill invoices (electric and natural gas) for a quick no-risk, no-cost review.

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