We have over 300 years of combined specialty tax experience, we are licensed Engineers, licensed CPAs, licensed Tax Attorneys, and Audit Defense Protection, that’s why!

No matter if you own an investment property under $500K or have a large portfolio of commercial properties, Engineered Tax Services can help you reach your tax efficiency goals.

Engineered Tax Services is an independent, professionally licensed engineering firm with over 100 employees that performs over 10,000 cost segregation, 179D energy and Research and Development tax studies a year.

We are not the overnight, one-man band self-proclaimed expert with a website running Google Ads, We Are the Experts in the Industry!

Our technical staff is comprised of professional engineers (P.E.s), construction professionals, tax attorneys and CPAs. Our tax team consists of seasoned professionals, who are well versed in the various aspects of tax law pertaining to depreciation, capitalization and expense provisions.

We Are 100% Committed To Customer Service And Excellence

Some of our key commitments include:

Dedication to Best in Class Customer service and Customer experience
Timely communications with 100% on Time Delivery
Working closely with your accountants and CPAs to make sure your investment has the strongest return on cash. We find other state, local and county tax incentives to ensure your maximum wealth preservation. We will be there for you 24/7/365 in the event of an IRS audit or IRS review. Our tax attorneys are the best in the country and have IRS employment experience.

Our audit support is the best in the country and that is our ETS Guarantee!

Specialty Tax Service Provider Check List

Find out why ETS is the best in the specialty tax industry today. Get a free benefit analysis for your business today. 

Consequences Of Picking The Wrong Provider

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These are just a few of the many court case regarding Cost Segregation. 

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