Your Practice is Built on the Services You Offer

Increase your firm’s bottom line with ETS’ partnership program. By expanding your niche services, you will increase your client reach while placing valuable tax dollars back in their pockets.

CPA Partnership Service Offerings:

  • Obtain new clients
  • Solidify existing relationships
  • Enhance your reputation
  • Improve your firm’s positioning in the marketplace

Expanding your firm’s niche services with the following specialty tax opportunities:

Selecting a Specialty Tax Provider

The selection of a specialty tax provider for Energy Tax Incentives, Cost Segregation, Repairs vs. Capitalization, Research & Development, and other tax incentives is critical to the process, the resulting benefit, and to ensure results that stand-up upon IRS examination. Consider the below items when looking for a company with a long history of IRS compliance, experience in your area, both geographically and professionally, as well as a strong reputation for customer satisfaction.

ETS is one of the only qualified professional engineering firms with its own professional engineers, LEED accredited professionals, certified public accountants, licensed contractors, and architects on staff. We find solutions that result in increased cash flow, minimized tax payments and maximized return on investment. Ask how we can help increase your cash flow through these services.


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