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Your Partner in Specialty Tax Services

At Engineered Tax Services, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional specialty tax services tailored to your unique needs. Our commitment is to forge strong, enduring partnerships with business owners, property investors and building owners, providing them with the tools they need to navigate the complex world of taxation.

Our team of seasoned professionals specializes in a wide array of tax solutions, ensuring that our clients maximize their investments and achieve their financial goals. Whether you're a CPA seeking a trustworthy partner or a real estate investor aiming to optimize your returns, our specialty tax services are meticulously designed to propel you towards success.

Our Services

Cost Segregation

If you’re a corporation, partnership, trust, or individual with real estate purchased or built within the past 15 years with tax liabilities you can benefit from a cost segregation study. With a cost segregation analysis, you could be able to write off up to 30-35% of your building’s original purchase price in the first year!

Research & Development

The R&D tax credit is a federal incentive offering a dollar-for-dollar reduction in a company's tax liability, aiming to encourage research and development activities. It is calculated based on a company's eligible wage, supply, and contract research expenses.

45L Tax Credit

Developers, builders and homeowners may be eligible to claim tax credits for energy-efficient residential properties that are newly built or substantially remodeled. A broad range of single-family homes and multifamily properties are eligible for this tax credit.

179D Deduction

Are you a building owner, designer, or contractor who has implemented energy-efficient components in your commercial property? If so, you could be eligible for  tax deductions under the 179D Energy Policy Act.

Grant Services

Unlocking grant funding for your project can be a game-changer. It's not about the type of project you have, but about finding the perfect match between your initiative and the grant funding available.

Heidi Henderson

Executive Vice President

Heidi Henderson oversees the Marketing and Advertising efforts along with business development for ETS. Her career has been spent in private accounting within the commercial real estate, development, and construction industries. This background allowed her to quickly adapt to the services offered by ETS as they relate to CPA’s, business owners, and property investors nationally.

Heidi Henderson

How We Serve Our Clients

Empowering CPA and Accounting Firms

At ETS, we understand the challenges faced by CPA and accounting firms. Our comprehensive suite of specialty tax services is designed to empower these firms, providing them with the resources and expertise they need to deliver exceptional service to their clients. We strive to be more than just a service provider—we aim to be a partner that contributes to your firm's growth and success.

Driving Success for
Business Owners

Business owners operate in a complex and ever-changing financial landscape. We offer specialty tax services that help business owners navigate this landscape with confidence. Our team of experts works closely with business owners, providing personalized advice and strategies that drive growth, enhance profitability and ensure compliance.

Optimizing Tax Efficiency for Building Owners

Building owners face unique tax challenges and opportunities. Our specialty tax services are designed to help building owners optimize their tax efficiency, leveraging tax credits, deductions and incentives to maximize their financial performance. At ETS, we combine our deep understanding of the tax code with a comprehensive knowledge of the real estate industry to provide building owners with tailored, strategic tax solutions.

Maximizing Returns for Property Investors

Investing in property can yield substantial profits, yet it also brings about unique tax considerations. Specializing in this field, our team offers strategic tax guidance to property investors, aiming to enhance returns and reduce liabilities. Our tax experts utilize their profound knowledge of real estate taxation to equip investors with the necessary insights for making informed decisions.