Cost Segregation

We work to uncover potential tax savings and increase cash flow through reclassification and depreciation of property.

R&D Tax Credits

The R&D tax credit is a permanent federal tax incentive meant to stimulate innovation, technical design, and manufacturing within the U.S.

Energy Tax Deduction

Builders, owners, and developers of residential homes and apartment buildings have the opportunity to earn tax credits for energy efficiency.

Why ETS?

We have over 300 years of combined specialty tax experience, we are licensed Engineers, licensed CPAs, licensed Tax Attorneys, and Audit Defense Protection, that’s why! No matter if you own an investment property under $500K or have a large portfolio of commercial properties, Engineered Tax Services can help you reach your tax efficiency goals.

Engineered Tax Services is an independent, professionally licensed engineering firm with over 100 employees that performs over 10,000 cost segregation, 179D energy and Research and Development tax studies a year.

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CPA Advisory

Helping CPA firms drive sustainable, profitable growth.

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Take Advantage of the New Tax Laws and Boost Your Real Estate Cash Flow

You may not be aware of it, but if you’re a property owner, some changes to current tax laws could put substantial money in your pocket, especially via cost segregation studies. With a little strategic planning, you can drastically reduce your tax liability and generate retroactive refunds for extra cash flow, freeing up capital for future investments and site improvements.  Depreciation: Value Fades Over Time With depreciation, you calculate an asset’s reduction in value as time passes. You allocate the asset over a specific period when it’s expected to be useful. In the IRS’ view, commercial real estate has a useful

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How to Take Your Firm to the Next Level

If you’re an accountant, what’s the HABU (Highest And Best Use) of your time? Our advice: Don’t get bogged down by mundane tasks—it will stand in the way of tackling your true priorities.    Taking your firm to the next level doesn’t have to be hard, according to a recent article by Clayton R. Weir.Technology can turn the trick.   When it comes to the digital revolution, the accounting profession is late to the party. While fintech has swept the financial services landscape, CPA firms are practically stuck in

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President Biden’s Sweeping Proposed Tax Law Changes: Is This the Right Time?

President Biden’s Sweeping Proposed Tax Law Changes: Is This the Right Time? On the night of Wednesday, April 28, President Biden addressed a joint session of Congress and unveiled the second portion of his Build Back Better agenda – the American Families Plan, a $1.6–$2 trillion social infrastructure/human capital initiative focused on fighting poverty, investing in childcare and education (free community college), improving workforce development, and potentially expanding health insurance subsidies. The proposal seeks to raise $1.5 trillion over a decade via higher taxes on the top 1%. Biden plans to finance the plan primarily through tax changes aimed at upper-income

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