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45L Energy Efficient Tax Credits

Residential Energy Tax Deduction for Builders

45L Energy Efficient Tax Credit

Energy Efficient Tax Credit for Residential Properties (45L)

The 45L residential tax credit has recently been extended through the end of 2017. This tax credit is equal to $2,000 per residential unit or dwelling to the developers of energy efficient buildings. Qualifying properties include apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and single family homes.

Eligible Properties

Each unit should provide a level of energy efficiency that is higher than national energy standards, however many of the newer developments already exceed these standards based on recent energy standards and building codes. We recommend that any apartment or condominium project developed (new construction or rehabilitation) within the past four years be evaluated for the 45L tax credit.

  • Properties must be three stories or lower.
  • Must incorporate energy efficient features such as high R-Value insulation and roofing, windows, doors, and/or HVAC systems.

Tax Credit Requirements

Certification must be completed by a licensed professional that is an unrelated, third-party to the project. We provide 45L certifications that are evaluated, modeled and signed-off by our licensed engineers. Once certification is complete you will receive a certification package with all necessary documentation and certifications to sustain the tax credit in the case of IRS audit.

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