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Free R&D Tax Credit Analysis

Let's get started by talking to one of our R&D Tax Credit experts to see how much we can gain you by getting a FREE Tax Credit analysis today!

Free R&D Tax Credit Analysis

Let's get started by talking to one of our R&D Tax Credit experts to see how much we can gain you by getting a FREE R&D Tax Credit analysis today!

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    What Is The R&D Tax Credit?

    The R&D tax credit is an incentive to stimulate innovation and technical design. It provides companies with significant incentives for developing new products, processes, or inventions, which they can use as reimbursement for qualified research activities completed within the United States; this means that American businesses will always be at the forefront of cutting-edge technology!

    Learn About the History of the R&D Tax Credit 

    Many businesses have no clue they qualify for this tax credit.

    The tax incentive is an excellent way for companies to save money and stay competitive in the marketplace. Activities that would otherwise be considered “day-to-day operations,” such as designing new products or analyzing market trends, are eligible under this credit!

    Qualifying Activties For The Credit

    Does My Business Qualify For The R&D Tax Credit?

    Companies of all sizes and in many different industries can now qualify for the tax credit, including:

    Can you apply tax credits to reduce a portion of your federal payroll taxes? 

    r&d tax credits graph showing gross receipts

    Do Start-Ups Qualify?

    Start-up companies are not excluded – companies with less than $5 million of gross receipts for the year, and no gross receipts more than five years agocan apply to use R&D credits to reduce a portion of their federal payroll taxes going forward, specifically the employer’s Social Security portion of FICA taxes (6.2% of wages up to $127,200 per employee in 2017).

    Recent tax changes also enable private companies with $50 million or less in gross receipts (prior three-year average) to use R&D credits to reduce alternative minimum tax (AMT).

    R&D credits can be ideal for startups—particularly those of a technical nature, such as in the fields of computer science or pharmaceuticals. The credits can deliver a financial windfall to qualifying taxpayers, but the unique circumstances of startups entail challenges. As a result, it’s wise to engage a seasoned tax and engineering specialty firm. – Learn More

    How Do You Know If Your Activities Qualify For The Credit?

    To determine if you qualify for the research and development credits under the IRS, you will need to find out if your activities meet the four-part test.

    When Is The Best Time To Have An R&D Tax Credit Study Done?

    If possible, have your study completed well in advance of your April 15 or October 15 tax filing deadline.

    But what happens when tax deadlines have come and gone, and your business failed to claim the R&D tax credit? No worries – you can still file your claim for the credit with an amended return.

    How Far Back Can You Claim Your R&D Tax Credit?

    You can capture your tax credit for the current tax year and for the prior three open tax years. 

    If you have performed qualifying activities in the past, this could be a substantial credit for your business.  You can also submit tax credits for project that didn’t succeed—not just the ones that worked out.

    How We Help You Get Your Tax Savings

    What to expect when working with Engineered Tax Services.

    See If You Qualify

    We will help you gather all your documentation. This includes receipts, invoices, contracts, and other records of qualified activities.

    Prepare Your Forms

    If you are eligible for the tax credit, we'll help you file all the necessary forms to recieve the tax credit.

    Claim Your Tax Credit

    Finally, we'll help you file your claim so you can get the money you are entitled to.

    Getting an R&D Tax Credit Analysis to see if you qualify is the first step!

    R&D Case Study: Engineering Firm in New York

    engineering firm

    eBook: The Architect's Guide to R&D Tax Credits

    This comprehensive e-book is designed to help you recognize which of your activities qualify for R&D tax credits! 

    Whitepaper: R&D Tax Credits

    r&d whitepaper

    How can R&D tax credits propel your business to the next level of success? This comprehensive white paper explains how your company can be rewarded for innovation via a substantial tax break, but one that less than one-third of companies entitled to the credit know they’re eligible. With special chapters on R&D tax credits for startups and for software and gaming. Download a Free Copy today! 

    Testimonials: Our valued clients

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    Case Studies


    R&D Tax Credit Case Study for Specialty Manufacturer in Oregon

    1 Year Tax Savings: $18,078 (Federal Only) Study Highlights   Wages $525,358 Supplies $26,953 Rental or lease of computers 27.5-Year Contract Research $11,760 Total Qualified …


    R&D Tax Credit Case Study For Specialty Manufacturer in New York

    1 Year Tax Savings: $18,078 (Federal Only) Study Highlights Wages $358,407 Supplies $26,953 Rental or lease of computers 27.5-Year Contract Research $14,227 Total Qualified Research …

    R&D Tax Credit

    R&D Tax Credit Case Study for Software Developer in Texas

    1 Year Tax Savings: $72,430 (Federal Only) Study Highlights Wages $1,342,919 Supplies $0 Rental or lease of computers $0 Contract Research $0 Total Qualified Research …


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