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Company History and Expertise

2001: Foundation

The dream of providing small- and mid-sized businesses with the same tax breaks as large corporations fueled our founder, Julio Gonzalez, when he established Engineered Tax Services (ETS) in 2001. He aimed to offer specialized engineering tax studies that were previously only available to Fortune 500 and public companies through the then-Big 8 national accounting firms.

2020: Growth and Expansion

Over 20 years later, ETS has become the leading specialty tax practice in the United States, successfully delivering tax solutions to the American middle class.

In 2020, ETS expanded its offerings by acquiring The Growth Partnership, a leading advisory group to the CPA community, and ABLE CRM, a company that customizes Customer Relationship Management systems for CPA firms.

2021: Industry Recognition

In 2021, ETS acquired Inside Public Accounting, a respected research organization devoted to the CPA community.

2022: New Initiatives

In 2022, launched HABU (Highest and Best Use), a national accounting alliance program for CPAs.

Our Unmatched Experience

ETS is one of the country's only professionally licensed engineering firms that provide best-in-class specialty tax services to CPAs and their clients nationally. With over 20 years in business, our team of CPAs, tax attorneys, and engineers offers the highest level of service and professionalism coupled with the highest possible tax savings in our industry.

Commitment to Compliance and Quality

As accounting and engineering professionals, we must meet and exceed the professional standards set by our National Board. We have dedicated our practice to designing and implementing sustainable methodologies that are in full compliance with all applicable statutory, administrative, and judicial interpretations.

Our Unique Team and Approach

Our unique business model is comprised of engineers, accountants, tax attorneys, and construction and design professionals, impeccably aligning true subject matter expertise with proven methodologies. Our process maximizes clients' reclassification of real property to personal property while minimizing the risk of an IRS audit. In the event of an audit, ETS provides audit support and assistance to clients.

Going Above and Beyond

The team at ETS prepares reports based on rigorous standards upheld by the company, encompassing various elements such as floor plans, meticulous space evaluations, thorough electrical panel assessments, and comprehensive mechanical reviews. Project managers oversee the entire process from initiation to completion, ensuring efficient and effective execution. ETS exceeds the standards set forth by the IRS, investing in our process to maximize tax benefits while minimizing potential disallowances associated with an IRS audit.

With 26 offices nationally, ETS is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Our Founder

Julio Gonzalez is an entrepreneur who, in 2001, founded Engineered Tax Services, the largest licensed tax credits and incentives advisory firm in the United States, devoted to helping small businesses.

His status as a national tax reform expert was cemented in 2017, when he was appointed by Vice President Mike Pence to the U.S. Tax Roundtable; his task was to work with Congress to pass tax reform (which he did).

Our Mission

As the guardian of small businesses, we are devoted to bringing innovative solutions, awareness, and educational resources that promote tax-saving credits and incentives to mainstream America.

ETS is a professional services organization dedicated to supporting its clients’ financial goals by offering sophisticated tax mitigation and wealth-building strategies: Cost Segregation, R&D tax credits, 179D energy tax deductions, 45L energy tax credits and Grant Services. As experts in our field, we keep up with the latest regulatory changes to ensure your tax claim has the maximum chance of acceptance by the IRS and other tax bodies

Associations and Awards

  • In April 2021, ETS received an award from the National Minority Business Council that cited its role as a prominent minority-owned business in the United States. 
  • As members of the National Minority Supplier Development Council, we go through a renewal process each year.
  • In 2022, our founder Julio Gonzalez was one of the few Hispanics named as one of the 100 most influential people in accounting by Accounting Today. 
  • In January 2022, Julio was cited as one of Florida’s top 50 Hispanic business leaders by the Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. 
  • In January 2022, he was also appointed to the Board of Governors for the Network of Untapped Entrepreneurs, an investment group dedicated to closing the racial wealth gap in America.
  • In April 2022, ETS was certified as a member of the Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council.
associations and awards

Our Charitable Contributions

Since its creation in 2001, ETS has been a firm believer in giving back to the communities we live in and serve. We contribute to a multitude of worthy causes across a spectrum of charities and encourage our employees to do the same. We believe in being a vibrant part of the health and well-being of our communities.

We recently inaugurated a program where we ask employees to suggest deserving causes, and we consider their recommendations seriously and often act on them. In addition, we encourage our employees to volunteer in their communities, and on a regular basis, we publicize a particular philanthropic enterprise we champion and sometimes ask employees to add their support if they are so inclined.

Why Choose Engineered Tax Services

Engineered Tax Services tax attorneys, engineers, and scientists are the leading experts that have performed millions of these tax services over the past decades. Through these services, Engineered Tax Services has generated billions of dollars in the United States stimulus that has impacted millions of jobs in our country.

Mr. Gonzalez worked in Washington D.C. with our country’s Senate, Congress, Administration, and Treasury to play an instrumental role in passing tax reform, focusing on small business growth. Mission accomplished!

With Engineered Tax Services, You Get:

  • Over 100+ years of combined experience
  • Fully circular 230 compliant
  • Experience working with Fortune 100 companies to small businesses
  • Broad service offerings to maximize client ROI
  • ETS employees – the top tax attorneys, CPAs, engineers, scientists, Congressmen, and Senators in the United States to deliver the best benefits in compliance with IRS standards

"We marry the science of engineering with principles of tax and accounting."

Engineered Tax Services is one of the country’s only professionally licensed engineering firm that provides best in class specialty tax services to CPAs and their clients nationally. Our experience in the field is unmatched and we have the highest level of success under IRS scrutiny. As a licensed engineering firm we must meet and exceed the professional standards set by our National Board in proving these engineered tax services. With over 20 years in business, and our team of CPAs, tax attorneys, and engineers, you can rest assured that you will get the highest level of service and professionalism coupled with the highest possible tax savings of any provider in our industry.

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