The Engineered Community Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

Our solutions-based team members are committed to the growth and expansion of our services by embracing a culture of inclusion and diverse thought leadership. We continuously innovate for our clients and ensure achievable success for our team members through our world-class culture, expertise, and passion for building strong communities and economies.

We have three shared goals – teamwork, trust, and transparency.

These ensure our vision of making the impossible possible.

  • Engineered Mission – Purpose-driven, Innovative Service, Helpful, Supportive, Honest Answers
  • Engineered Leadership – Knowledgeable, Confident, Empathetic, Approachable, Transparent
  • Engineered Team– Talented, Collaborative, Committed, Curious, Cross-Functional
  • Engineered Culture – Trusting, Energetic, Ethical, Accountable, Empowering, Inclusive
  • Engineered Technology– Modern, Efficient, Flexible, Intuitive, Open & Available

Our commitment to our clients and community shines bright when we all take accountability for our actions.

The skills, unique thought processes, and decisive decision-making are the framework for sustainability and responsible growth in collaborating with other individuals and groups. And, we can build upon our success by continuing to nurture the soil in which we need to grow.

Our organization’s key objectives require a specific formula to always be in place. Diversity, equality, inclusion, teamwork, trust, and transparency equal a thriving culture that defines our commitment to the team, clients and community.

Mission Statements

Engineered Tax Services

As the guardian of small businesses, we are devoted to bringing innovative solutions, awareness, and educational resources that promote tax-saving credits and incentives to mainstream America.

The Growth Partnership

A committed and holistic, full-service, trusted partner for CPA firms that want a comprehensive and unique roadmap for next-level growth in leadership development/succession planning, training, and marketing support.


Passionate about developing and offering an effective CRM platform for accountants and CPAs that promotes profitable and sustainable growth through meaningful connections, training, education, and support for our clients.