A Humble Pioneering Innovator – 10 Most Inspiring CEOs of 2021

Julio Gonzalez, the Founder, and CEO of Engineered Tax Services, Inc., is a veteran leader, speaker, and advisor in the accounting field with holistic knowledge and exceptional financial insights. Julio, National Tax Reform Expert, founded Engineered Tax Services, Inc. (ETS) to marry the science of engineering with tax and accounting principles. 

According to the steadfast leader, “that effort counts, and working harder than your competitors makes a difference. Hard work, effort is critical combined with always an eye on the future to see how to best evolve our services with dedication to AI and always product improvement with changing, or improving or new services with dedication to a CARE culture where employees are number 1.”

Julio is a pioneering leader who is equally humble. “It took a lot of help from a lot of great people to become who I am today. Danny Hughes is a great role model, he was an all-star collegiate wide receiver for Kansas State University and he starred in that role without being able to hear. He has overcome so many challenges to lead men and he does so with so much respect and care for others, he listens, cares, and gives. Alongside, Jeff Pawlow, a great man who is such an amazing leader, leads with so much care for others yet educates them always in constant improvement.” Armed with great ideologies, Julio has taken the company to new heights. 

humble pioneer

Established in 2001, Engineered Tax Services is the Nation’s Premier Tax Credit and Incentive Firm. It is the only professionally licensed engineering firm that provides best-in-class specialty tax services to CPAs and their clients nationally. It offers sophisticated strategies like cost segregation, the research and development tax credit, and other specialized tax credits and incentives, allowing them to retain more working capital and drive profitability. The experience in the field is unmatched, and it has the highest level of success under IRS scrutiny.

“The IRS tax code requires licensed engineers to determine the energy efficiency in buildings for energy tax credits and incentives, we measure the building energy consumption to determine their tax benefits,” explains Julio. “IRS also requires engineering to determine the component cost of each component in a building and the live of that component (called cost segregation) to accelerate depreciation and IRS requires engineering and scientist to determine R&D tax credits for companies that create innovation.”

Julio’s vision to first bring awareness to mainstream America through the education of accounting firms across the country has been accomplished effectively. Over the decades, Engineered Tax Services has become the country leader in these services that increase cash flow to allow job growth and expansion. “I am currently working on the tax reform blueprint with Congress and Senate. I am most proud of the incredible team that has grown with me and the firm over the past decade”. 

As a licensed engineering firm, one must meet and exceed the professional standards set by the National Board. With over two decades in business, and a team of CPAs, tax attorneys, and engineers, one can rest assured that they will get the highest level of service and professionalism coupled with the highest possible tax savings of any provider in the industry. Julio aimed to help small businesses gain access to sophisticated tax credits and incentives. “When I founded ETS, my dream was to reward the great behaviour of small business owners with substantial tax benefits. I established ETS to bring to mainstream America specialized engineering tax studies that historically had only been available to Fortune 500 and public companies through major national accounting firms. If you buy real estate, create innovation, generate employment, or establish energy efficiency in the United States, you can be rewarded by federal, state, and local tax incentives that allow you to save huge sums of money, which result in better GDP and job creation for the United States.”

His advocacy for the economic underdog in the United States has received recognition. In April 2021, ETS received an award from the National Minority Business Council that cited its role as a prominent minority-owned business in the United States because of its advocacy for small businesses, which continues to this day. Julio will be working with Congress to expand and enhance tax credits and incentives to help small enterprises to develop in the United States for the days to come.

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