The Property Owner’s Guide To Cost Segregation

As a property owner, you want to take full advantage of tax incentives available to you. Cost segregation has long been one of the best tools for real estate investors—and the latest tax reform made it even better.

Cost segregation can increase your cash flow in the form of a deferral by utilizing shorter class lives to accelerate depreciation on commercial real estate property. By having a cost segregation study, you may be able to expense a good portion of your real estate investment immediately.

This comprehensive e-book will help demystify cost segregation and explain how you can achieve the greatest cost savings through accelerated depreciation.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the Law and Cost Segregation
  • Types of Cost Segregation Studies
  • The Cost Segregation Procedure
  • Property Classifications
  • The Right and Wrong Property for Cost Segregation
  • Costly Mistakes in Cost Segregation
  • How Cost Segregation Impacts Federal Energy Tax Benefits
  • Home Office Deductions
  • Opportunity Zones

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