How to Grow Your CPA Practice with Specialty Tax Services

What if there were the opportunity to increase your firm’s revenue while adding tremendous value to your clients? The truth is, many of your clients qualify for valuable tax credits and deductions that can help them improve cash flow and reinvest in their businesses—especially critical in these unpredictable economic times.

In our experience, we have found that many CPA firms sell themselves short by not offering specialty tax services at all, or not to their full potential. The reason often stems from common misperceptions about costs, not having in-house expertise and simply not understanding the value proposition.

The purpose of our new e-book is to provide information that can help you build a specialty tax niche—even if you have limited internal resources. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how you build a fresh revenue stream by offering R&D tax credits, cost segregation studies and energy tax credits through strategic partnerships.

Topics include:

  • The Value of Specialty Tax Services: Understanding the Opportunity
  • Taking Advantage of Technology and Innovation to Identify Prospects
  • Building a Profitable Niche Through a Strategic Specialty Tax Services Partnership

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