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Continuing Education

Check out upcoming continuing education events or schedule an in-person CPE seminar or webcast for your organization.

Helpful Links

Find helpful links to IRS resources covering all the specialty tax service areas at Engineered Tax Services.

The Architect’s Guide to R&D

Download our Free e-Book that’s designed to help you recognize which of your activities qualify for R&D tax credits.

Property Owner’s Guide To Cost Segregation

This comprehensive e-book will help demystify cost segregation and explain how you can achieve the greatest cost savings through accelerated depreciation.

How to Grow Your CPA Practice with Specialty Tax Services

The purpose of our new e-book is to provide information that can help you build a specialty tax niche—even if you have limited internal resources.

Real Estate Owners Guide to Specialty Tax Incentives

Are you looking for a comprehensive guide to the tax deductions, tax credits, and other wealth-generating tools available to real estate investors and owners?