Gabriel Florentino

Client Development Director

Gabriel Florentino is based in Houston TX and has joined ETS as Client Development Director under Kim Lochridge’s leadership. He’s a graduate from The University of Houston, with a degree in Public Relations and minor in Economics, with an internship as Lead Sales Generator. He has three plus years of experience related to 179D consisting of Energy Modeling, Final Reports to Clients, and QC of client documentation. He also has three plus years in closing contracts and Project Management in the construction industry.

Articles: Recent

IRS notice

Understanding IRS Notice N-2023-67

The U.S. tax code is an evolving landscape, especially when it comes to sustainability and energy-efficient housing. That's why IRS Notice N-2023-67 has become a …

logistics tax strategies

Why Cost Segregation Is a Key Logistics Tax Strategy 

In the demanding world of logistics, where every cent counts, cash flow optimization is crucial. Sure, it's essential to trim expenses and enhance efficiency, but …

Important Update on IRS Moratorium on Employee Retention Tax Credit Claims

The IRS issued a notice on Thursday, September 14, 2023 advising taxpayers that a temporary moratorium has been placed on the processing of Employee Retention …

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