179D Energy Study for a Building Designer in California

This designer was hired to work on an energy-efficient building in Temecula, CA. Upon completion of the building, Engineered Tax Services conducted an EPAct energy evaluation to certify the lighting subsystem as energy efficient. This saved the designer a total of $81,228 on taxes.

Location Lighting Square Footage Accelerated Tax Benefit
Temecula, CA  $0.60 135,380 $81,228.00
Total $81,228.00
Lighting systems: Lighting fixtures are equipped with (2) 54 watts High Output T5 lamps and electronic ballast.Lighting fixtures in the stair is wall sconce with one (1) 42 Watt compact fluorescent lamps and electronic ballast.The entire parking structure lighting system is controlled by a centralized lighting relay control panel located in the main electrical room. On the roof level, surface mounted high pressure sodium light fixtures are installed under the photovoltaic panels. Pole mounted high pressure sodium light fixtures are also installed to illuminate the general parking area. On the roof level, Solar arrays are installed to capture the sun light during the day and use the stored energy at night.