179D EPACT Study for an Army Aviation Facility in Nebraska

BuildingComponentTax Benefit
Nebraska Aviation Facility (70,486 sq. ft.)  
  HVAC ($0.60) $42,291.60
  Building Envelope ($0.60) $42,291.60
Total Building $84,383.20

ETS specializes in the energy certification process required by the IRS. The certification calculates the tax deduction achieved from the installation of energy-efficient assets. The deduction ranges between $0.60/sq ft and $1.80/sq ft for energy efficient lighting (i.e., reductions in lighting power density levels), HVAC systems and the building envelope. We have provided thousands of the highest quality energy tax certifications across the country since 2005. Handling over 150 certifications every month, we have perfected the process by working closely with the IRS on a regular basis. We offer a measurable dynamic to increase your return on investment & improve efficiency – all with the goal of reducing operating expenses & obtaining tax deductions or credits that you deserve.