R&D Case Study for Architectural Firm in Texas

This Texas architectural firm specializes in K-12 schools and prides themselves on innovative design techniques and continuous improvements to design aesthetics, efficiency and sustainability. They work to increase learning success and improve overall design and construction techniques. After a detailed analysis of annual wages and project time tracking, Engineered Tax Services was able to document and sustain over 32% of their total wages as qualifying research and development time. This firm was thrilled with the results and continues to overcome technical challenges in design and engineering each year with the help of this federal and state incentive.

Total Wages$4,644,778
Qualified R&D Wages 
Ratio of Total vs Qualified Wages:32%
Contract Research:$0
Federal Tax Credit$93,0026.31%
Texas State Credit$42,0442.85%
Total 2018 R&D Credits$135,0469.17%