What Our Clients Are Saying...

"We work with Kimberly Lochridge and her expertise and work-product is top notch. They are our #1 resource for Cost Segregation Studies for all of our clients."

Andrew Krowne, CPA
Krowne Certified Public Accountants 


"I wanted to thank you for the cost segregation and energy tax work you have done for several of the firm's clients. The results have been very favorable and have resulted in significant tax benefits. You have a very talented team, and I look forward to working with you more in the future."

Lewis B. Kevelson, CPA
Rachlin LLP

“We worked with ETS for the first time in 2009. They performed an Energy Tax Certification for our firm that resulted in a $74,000 tax deduction, which meant about $20,000 actual cash back to us. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly and took the time to explain and guide us through the process. While inevitable bumps delayed the report by about a week, we anticipate working with ETS on more projects in the future. We highly recommend ETS and look forward to our enhanced profitability as a result.”

Jeffrey T. Wade
Principal | ADD Inc


“I would like to take the opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Engineered Tax Services. As the CEO for The Fuoco Group, I have worked with Engineered Tax Services for approximately two years and feel that they are the best in the business in terms of providing cost segregation and energy tax services. They are a true partner that opened our eyes to how to bring significant tax benefits to our real estate clients while generating significant income for our firm through leveraging our client base. I believe Engineered Tax Services exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to CPA firms looking to assist their clients in these specialty tax services. I have no problem ever putting them in front of my clients. I highly recommend them.”

Lou J. Fuoco, CPA
Managing Director
Fuoco Group, LLP


“Bonavista Holdings, Inc. is a real estate holding company with approximately 1,000,000 square feet of commercial space located primarily in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Our firm engaged Engineered Tax Services to perform a cost segregation study on our behalf. I received a favorable result that exceeded all of my expectations. I found Mr. Gonzalez to be extremely competent, thorough, and knowledgeable of the subject matter. I had used other firms to do similar work previously, and none compared to the expertise and professionalism exhibited by Mr. Gonzalez's firm. Needless to say, I would highly recommend his firm, and I would not hesitate to use his services in the future.”

Marvin Feinstein
Principal | Bonavista Holdings, Inc.


“Since 2008, ETS has helped us secure 179D tax deductions. They offer specialized knowledge of the Federal government 179D tax deduction program offered to design professionals. We appreciate the highly responsive manner in which they have handled our business. ETS has been more than willing to explain the program fully and work with us to maximize our benefits. I have particularly appreciated the corporate-level involvement and sincere interest in keeping our satisfaction level high. The energy analysis and verification work required to qualify for the 179D tax deductions has been truly beneficial to our firm. The cost benefit for our firm far exceeded our expenses. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf.”

Martin E. Deitz, AIA, CCS, LEEP AP
Principal, Architect | Darden Architects, Inc.

Goldin, Pesier & Pesier, LLP

“The entire ETS team includes professionals of the highest caliber…they have proven to be a true partner to our firm – as well as the clients we have engaged. With ETS, we have added Section 179D to our service offerings. This has gotten us to the table with many coveted prospects with whom we had been previously shut out. ETS is an outstanding partner, demonstrating high intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit, expertise, quality, professionalism and responsiveness. We are looking forward to incorporating their cost segregation services for the benefit of our clients in the near future.”

William Mays
Director of Business Development
Goldin, Pesier & Pesier, LLP

cta architects

“CTA Architect Engineers, after thorough research, engaged Engineered Tax Services (ETS) for qualifying services under the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (179D). The proficient and highly competent services provided by ETS met or exceeded our expectations, and those of our CPA, in each of the final reports. CTA has enlisted ETS's services on several projects and will continue to use them for these 179D certifications.”

Michael A. Tuss, AIA
CTA Architect Engineers

Goldstein Schecter Kosh CPA

“Engineered Tax Services has been a very valuable engineering resource to our firm over the past decade. We find their firm the only licensed engineering firm to be uniquely qualified to handle the complex issues regarding cost segregation, 263a, 179D and repair and maintenance. We did our due diligence and the results speak for themselves as Engineered Tax Services is the dominant engineering resource to the CPA community.”

Goldstein Schecter Kosh

us facilities lighting

“Engineered Tax Services (ETS) found 250k in tax credits for one of our manufacturing clients.  ETS makes our business bigger and stronger.  Not much more you can ask from a partner.”

Melissa Flagstad

Partner | National Account Manager

US Facilities Lighting


Dalby, Wendland & Co., P.C.

“Working with ETS has proven to be very beneficial to our clients. We have been fortunate enough to work with them on a number of different client matters and have been quite happy with the results. The value of having a cost segregation study has been well worth the investment for our clients.  In addition, I was very satisfied with the process – ETS is very communicative of time frames and clear in what steps need to happen in order for them to complete the project in a timely manner. ”

Sarah J. Fischer, CPA

Dalby, Wendland & Co., P.C.


Adeptus Partners LLC

“I have had the pleasure to work with Cindy Blumenfeld & others at ETS on numerous assignments.  Both Cindy and everybody at ETS has always been extremely professional and delivered a first rate analysis.  I would strongly recommend their service."

Jeffrey J. Weberman 

Adeptus Partners LLC


PKF O'Connor Davies, LLP

"My partner and I have been using Cindy Blumenfeld and Engineered Tax Services for over 6 years after meeting them at accounting convention in Florida.  Our business has a heavy concentration in real estate.  Cindy and Engineered Tax Services have been an integral part of our practice and we consider them to be part of our team.  At this point, I am so confident in their abilities to assist our clients that I rarely attend any meetings or calls when I refer them to our clients.  I KNOW that Engineered Tax Services will be ethical, professional and thorough and will treat our clients like we would."

Brian M. Varley


PKF O'Connor Davies, LLP


Bowman & Company, LLP

"I think ETS brings a lot of value to the relationship that CPAs have with their clients.  We have placed them into very sensitive client environments with a great deal of success.  They are professional, their fees are competitive, and they have the support behind the positions that they take.  I am confident when I use their products that they will stand by their work and it will withstand scrutiny."

Daryl R. Petrick, CPA


Bowman & Company, LLP


IWD (International Wire Dies)  Division of DS Hai Dies , LLC

"Our situation is similar to many small businesses in the US. I started my company in my basement in 2009 and we are a precision tools manufacturing company. During the last several years, we have grown our business with limited financial resources. Due to their price advantages, we have had to use Chinese contractors to help manufacture our products. However, my goal is very simple – to make our products 100% within the US! 

We hear about a lot of programs that are meant to help US manufacturers, but most of them are ineffective. However, Engineered Tax Services and the R&D Tax Credit have provided us with a tax incentive that focuses on the root cause of the problem by rewarding costs for employees that perform R&D within the US! In addition, your team has performed its services with zero stress for us! Your project manager, Shelley Parker, has been very knowledgeable and has performed our R&D studies very timely and efficiently. 

As a result of our reduced taxes and cash refunds from these credits, we are considering hiring more employees within the US and our short term goal is to bring ALL of our manufacturing within the US! Thank you again for introducing us to this credit and for doing a great job for us with your R&D Tax Credit Services. I just want to end by saying that I wish more small companies will let you help them capture these credits meant to encourage job creation within the US."

Simon Farjoun


IWD (International Wire Dies)

Division of DS Hai Dies , LLC


hawks & associates

"I am extremely excited about working with you and your ETS Team!! You have been very professional and a pleasure to work with."

K. Dwight Hawks


Hawks & Associates



"Our experience on behalf of our clients has been very positive from high quality Cost Segregation Studies to 179D studies. In some cases where the positions were audited, we were impressed by their very professional representation through the audit process in defending the tax incentives claimed. As a trusted advisor, we believe that our clients’ interests have been served well through our experiences."

Steven E. Monacelli, CPA/PFS, MST



Certified Public Accountants


Cole group realty

"Working with Engineered Tax Services was a smooth and easy process. They helped us save through cost segregations. We would recommend any buyer to use their services."

Jason Cole

Cole Group Realty


crown toyota

“Very easy and professional; Kimberly and her team walked me through every stage of the project, with gentle reminders when I was getting off track or not providing what they needed in a timely manner. I actually appreciate that, as I can easily get side-tracked in my job. Very prompt in getting back to me, stuck to the agreed schedule; took the time to educate me when needed.”

Ruxandra LeMay


Alberni Caballero & Fierman, LLP

“I’ve been working with Cindy Blumenfeld and her wonderful team at ETS for over 3 years now after hearing them present to our international tax group. I can say that they have become a strategic partner to our firm and have assisted several of our clients with cost segregation studies. The results have been amazing for our clients and so has the service provided by ETS.”

Nestor Caballero


Alberni Caballero & Fierman, LLP



“We have worked with ETS for over five years on multiple type of projects, including cost segregation, R&D and 179D with at least 30 different clients, with many of those clients doing multiple projects with ETS. We have even engaged ETS personally for a cost segregation study on a building we own.

Some of the reasons we have continually worked with ETS are:

• They always under promise and over deliver. This is crucial when you present a client with potential savings on a study, knowing that you can expect the actual amounts will meet or exceed the expected.

• Dependability – they do what they say they are going to do and rarely is any follow up needed.

• Going the extra mile – a particular study we are working on with them right now for R&D has a state component. The client has an unusual situation that required contacting the state to get questions answered. Even though the potential credit isn’t that significant, ETS employee Shelley Parker has contacted the state multiple times until finally hearing back from them with the information needed.

• Customer service – I have personally worked with at least a dozen different ETS employees over the years and every single one has been great to work with. Michael D’Onofrio has always been my main contact and although I know he has a lot of other firms/clients he works with and mine certainly isn’t one of the largest, he is always responsive to my calls/emails and makes time when I want to speak with him personally.

• Tax savings – we have clients that have saved over $100K in income taxes in a single year with some seeing results of that magnitude annually over 5+ years of studies.

• Reporting – the final package received on the various studies provides everything you need for preparation of any necessary schedules and ultimately for the actual reporting on the tax return.”

Ryan Letke, CPA



core asset group

"Over the past years, we’ve had the opportunity of working with several firms providing cost segregation and related real estate investment tax advisory services. Engineered Tax Services shines when compared to its competitors, and within Engineered Tax Services, Cindy Blumenfeld is a super nova! Extremely detail oriented, responsive and goes the extra mile to get the client what they need. In a world of “Talk, Cindy delivers results and is a Rock Star” - whom I confidently refer to others."

Jonathan S. Greenwald

Managing Member

Core Asset Group, LLC



"Wisenbaker Builder Services Inc. has engaged the services of Engineered Tax Services on three (3) different occasions. Michael D' Onofrio and his team are the most professional and thorough group of individuals that I have ever been associated with. They are very organized and performed their work on our projects in a timely and expert manner. They kept me informed of the status of their project work continuously. We have achieved fantastic results from their cost segmentation studies that have saved us thousands of dollars in federal income taxes. Their reports are complete and provide extensive and easy to read documentation. I highly recommend Engineered Tax Services and the entire team. Don't hesitate to engage them to work on your project!"

Joe Chiavone Jr., CPA


Wisenbaker Builder Services, Inc.



"STK Architecture, Inc. has been using ETS for the past couple of years to assist in calculating the R&D Tax Credit. Heidi Henderson and Lyndsie Lowry’s professional and personable interactions with our staff has made the experience a delightful one. They each take the time to ask thorough questions regarding our company operations and the research and development activities involved in each architectural project type. This has enabled ETS to capture the maximum R&D Credit for our firm. I highly recommend ETS for your investment and tax needs."

Shannon Schindler

Financial Manager

STK Architecture, Inc.


Mark Sherman CPA

"I have worked with Engineered Tax Services for a little over a year now and every single time they have been able to save my clients thousands and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their staff is extremely responsive and professional and documentation supporting the deductions includes all of the IRS regulations and put together in an excellent format for potential IRS audits so you have nothing to worry about."

Mark Sherman CPA, P.C.



"Kimberly has repeatedly exceeded expectations and her top shelf customer service aligns well with what our clients are accustomed to."

Scott M. Nordberg, CPA, CMA, CGMA


Certified Public Accountants & Consultants


KJ Reynolds & Associates

"Kimberly has been absolutely fantastic to work with! Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, having that ability to answer any difficult question that might come up, but she is very patient as well. She can make a difficult customer understand the benefits of services offered as it applies to their needs, and gain their trust. She has my trust too."

Kelly Reynolds


KJ Reynolds and Associates



"RidoutBarrett has been working with Kim Lochridge and ETS for 7 plus years. Our partnership with them has added enormous value to our clients and our firm. Kim’s expert knowledge and follow through has gained her extreme credibility among our team and we consider her one of us. ETS is the only firm we trust for tax related studies and with Kim as our representative we have no plans to deviate from them."

Dustin R. Michalak, CPA, CVA

Managing Shareholder




To: Kimberly Lochridge "I cannot imagine a more professional person to work with. She is a trusted and valuable colleague who allows me to offer key services to my clients. She is fun to work with and always displays knowledge, friendliness and a good sense of humor. I am thrilled I made the move to ETS last year on the recommendation of a fellow CPA."

Barry W. Krowne, CPA

KROWNE Certified Public Accountants