POSSIBILITIES: How to navigate economic uncertainty as a real estate investor

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Webinar Summary

This webinar, led by Scott Willis from Engineered Tax Services, delves into the realm of tax credits and incentives, focusing on how businesses can leverage these for growth and gain. The session covers a broad spectrum of topics including cost segregation, bonus depreciation, energy tax credits, and various other tax strategies aimed at enhancing the financial performance of assets.

High-Level Overview

The webinar provides a comprehensive guide on utilizing tax credits and incentives to bolster business growth. It highlights the importance of engineered tax services in identifying programs that improve bottom lines for real estate investors and business owners. The discussion spans across cost segregation studies, energy-efficient building incentives, R&D tax credits, employee retention credits, and more, offering insights into how these tools can be applied effectively within IRS guidelines.

Key Highlights

  • Introduction to Engineered Tax Services and the significance of tax credits and incentives for business growth.
  • Detailed explanation of cost segregation, its benefits, and how it accelerates depreciation for tax purposes.
  • Overview of bonus depreciation rules and their phased reduction, emphasizing the urgency to capitalize on them.
  • Insights into energy tax credits (Section 179D and 45L) for energy-efficient buildings, including new rules for 2023 onwards.
  • Discussion on advanced tax strategies such as R&D tax credits, employee retention credits, 1031 exchanges, solar investments, historic tax credits, and opportunity zones.
  • Q&A session addressing specific queries on depreciation recapture for residential properties and the exploration of state and federal credits for solar investments.