ETS Joins the Business Development Board

Palm Beach County's Economic Development Resource

“The mission of the Business Development Board (BDB) is to stimulate the economic vitality of our communities by bringing new, job-generating investments and international trade to Palm Beach County. We perform this function by assisting businesses in their efforts to relocate, expand, and create jobs. Founded in 1982, the BDB is Palm Beach County’s official public/private economic development organization, and is recognized as one of the most successful partnerships in the state. Through the support of the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners, the BDB serves the entire county and its 38 municipalities. During the 2009-2010 fiscal year, the BDB helped create and retain more than 2,300 jobs and secure $116 million in new capital investment for Palm Beach County. During the past five years, the BDB assisted companies that created or retained more than 10,200 direct jobs with average salaries greater than $55,200, resulting in more than $503 million in capital investment to Palm Beach County, and an overall economic impact exceeding $3 billion. Our economic development work in the county is enhanced through our partnerships with the County Commissioners, Palm Beach County’s Office of Economic Development, Workforce Alliance, Chambers of Commerce, educational institutions, and municipalities. The BDB’s ongoing commitment to the pursuit of economic prosperity is one reason why Palm Beach County is THE place to live, work, learn, and play.” Learn more about the BDB

About ETS:

Engineered Tax Services is a national company and qualified professional engineering firm with its own licensed engineers, LEED accredited professionals and Certified Public Accountants on staff. We marry the science of engineering with the principles of tax and accounting to arrive at financial solutions that result in increased cash flow, minimized tax payments and maximum return on investment. Services include Energy Policy Act Certifications, Cost Segregation Studies, R&D Tax Credits, Repair & Maintenance Deductions, Energy Audits, and Renewable Energy Credit. Learn more by visiting us online at

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