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The selection of a specialty tax provider for Energy Tax Incentives, Cost Segregation, Tangible Property Regulations, Research & Development, and other tax incentives is critical to the process, the resulting benefit, and to ensure results that stand-up upon IRS examination. Performing the proper due diligence steps is vital to ensuring your tax filing position and to ensure that you gain every benefit that you deserve with the assurance of IRS compliance. Consider these items when looking for a company with a long history of IRS compliance, experience in your area, both geographically and professionally, as well as a strong reputation for customer satisfaction:


  • Professional Licenses
  • Circular 230 Compliance
  • Evaluate the Engagement Team
  • Evaluate the Firm's Credentials
  • What is the Firm's Track Record?
  • Ensure Compliance Fee Structure
  • Are you Confident in the Team?
  • Is IRS Audit Support Provided?
  • Ask for Client References
  • Request a Sample Study

ETS strives to create a reciprocal strategic partnerships with firms across the country for expanding service offerings, increasing client retention and competitive advantage, as well as driving new opportunities to your door! This is about a reciprocal relationship between Engineered Tax Services and your firm!

Download this due diligence piece to learn more about how ETS can bring value added services to your firm:

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