In Celebration of National Small Business Week: Engineered Tax Services Fights for Small Businesses

Since this is National Small Business Week (September 12 to September 18), we’d like to mention the fact that our CEO and founder, Julio Gonzalez, established Engineered Tax Services in 2000 specifically to serve small businesses—to look out for the little guy.

“I founded ETS to reward the great behavior of small business owners with substantial tax benefits,” he said.  He noticed that commercial real estate tax incentives were available to the wealthy, but not to small businesses. As a result, he created Engineered Tax Services, a specialty tax advisory firm, to level the playing field. 

“In college, I was impressed by how people in real estate could use tax laws to accumulate wealth,” he added. “It was a narrative that was underutilized by the rest of the world. You can become very wealthy through tax-intelligent planning and real estate. I learned early on, you can make investments, but you can’t write them off.  You can’t write off a bad stock loss or expense a bond. But if you buy real estate, you can save huge sums of money with tax studies that open the door for depreciation, cost segregation, and energy-efficiency tax deductions, and you gain dividends in the form of rent.” 

During the pandemic, Julio has gone out of the way to protect small businesses.

 “I’m proud every day that during the pandemic, we were able to deliver a tremendous amount of tax benefits to small business owners via Employee Retention Tax Credits and other strategies to keep their doors open and keep up hope during unparalleled times,” he said. “We helped all these small business owners survive.”

His focus on small business drives his overall corporate strategy.

“We implement tax tactics that help the common person,” he said. “Our goal is to educate our audience of accounting firms, so small businesses can be aware of these benefits, including minority firms that don’t have the resources and aren’t aware of the tax laws.”

This April, because it’s helped small businesses thrive, Engineered Tax Services received an award from the National Minority Business Council that recognized its role as a prominent minority-owned business in the United States. Founded in 1972 and headquartered in New York, the Council is committed to expanding opportunities for small, minority, and women business owners.

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